iPhone SE

April 18, 2020 admin 2

Recently, Apple presented the second generation of the iPhone SE, which has a similar structure as the iPhone 8, however with a superior camera and […]

MediaTek Helio G70 and G80

February 9, 2020 admin 0

After Helio G90 last year, MediaTek has just unveiled two new smartphone chipsets for mobile games: Helio G70 and G80. This chip will be available […]

Windows phone

Windows phone is dead!

December 12, 2019 admin 0

For some years now Windows phone has been considered dead, in 2017 Microsoft announced the end of Windows phone and they said they would not […]

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865

December 5, 2019 admin 0

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 replaces Snapdragon 855 for 2018 as Qualcomm’s latest mobile application processor. It comes with an important increase in the hottest trends in […]

Mediatek Dimensity 1000

November 29, 2019 admin 0

Previously,MediaTek announced its new 7nm Dimensity 1000 5G chipset which is a huge milestone for the Taiwanese company since it comes with an integrated 5G modem, 4 […]

Xiaomi’s 100W charge

November 20, 2019 admin 0

Around 8 months ago,stories about Xiaomi’s new 100W fast charging developed on top of that there was a video demonstration showing the speed of this […]

Tanzania’s First feature phone

November 14, 2019 admin 0

KaiOS Technologies, a leading manufacturer of mobile operating systems for smart feature phones, has partnered with Vodacom, Azumi and MediaTek to announce a partnership with […]