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Koko cooker

The Koko Cooker is a two-burner ethanol-fueled cookstove. The stove comes with a cooker regulator that allows you to adjust the flame, and it can be lit with a matchstick. Koko creates, manufactures, and distributes the product. The production facility is in Kenya, and the product is currently distributed in Nairobi and other towns in Kenya.

How does Koko work?

You will receive one Cooker and one KOKO Canister upon purchase.

  • Dock the canister on the cooker and fill it to the recommended capacity with KOKO Fuel. When you remove the canister, it will be ready to use. There is also a knob for turning it on/off and adjusting the flame.
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Is Koko cooker cheaper than gas?

Because KOKO Fuel is less expensive than kerosene and charcoal, the customer will save money over time. The KOKO Cooker Kit, which includes the 2-burner cooker, a Koko Canister, and 2 Free KOKO Canisters of Fuel plus Ksh 100 to purchase KOKO Fuel, costs only Ksh 4,500.

In addition, Koko Fuel is currently being sold for Ksh 77.83 per liter. Customers can also buy fuel bundles starting at Ksh 30.

Koko cooker

How do I pay for the Koko cooker?

You can buy the cooker and the KOKO Canister (Koko Consumer Hardware) by paying the full Purchase Price upfront or saving with smaller payments until you reach the full price via the “Lay-By” program. Read more about the program here.

How do I become a Koko dealer?

Having a shop is one of the requirements for becoming a Koko Agent. Please SMS ‘AGENT‘ to 20531 and they will contact you to discuss the remaining requirements.

How long does the fuel last when the cooker is full?

Because cooking habits vary among users, we cannot provide advice on how long purchased fuel will last. However, the cooker is efficient, allowing you to make the best use of the fuel you have purchased.

Koko Agents

To find your nearest KOKOpoint, go to Koko’s website, Find KOKOpoint, or use Google Maps and type ‘KOKOpoint near me’ to be directed to your nearest KOKOpoint agent.

Equally important, Koko provides a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase of the Cooker. The Cooker was specifically designed for the Kenyan market and is extremely dependable.

To contact Koko, You can DM them via;

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