M-Pesa App Review

The M-Pesa app by Safaricom makes transactions faster since it has a simple and friendly user interface. In this article, we’re going to take you step by step on how to download, install, and use the M-Pesa app.

How do I download M-PESA app?

Downloading the App is simple, just go to Playstore and search “M-Pesa app”, for iPhone users you can download it on AppStore.

How do I download M-PESA app?
M-Pesa App Playstore

Once the app is installed, Open the app and it will ask you to sign in and enter your M-Pesa pin.

Mpesa sign in

Note that if you have two sim cards on your phone, the app will use your default sim card. In addition, if you have no access to the internet, an error might occur while trying to sign in.

One thing I like about the app is the offline mode, this simply allows you to use the app without internet access.  This mode comes in handy when you run out of data and you want to do a transaction. To turn on the offline mode, go to the settings menu on the app and activate it.



How does it work?
Activate offline mode

Another thing I like about the app is that you can add and manage your favorite contacts and Paybill numbers. The favorite contacts appear at the top of the transaction window. This saves you time because you don’t have to search or type the mobile number when sending money.

The app’s Home window is simple and easy to understand.






App home
MPesa App HOME

How does it work?

Once you press transact (next to the Home button), the app will open the transact window where you can choose the transaction you want to make.

How does the app work?

On the transact window, you can send money, pay bills, Buy goods, access Fuliza, and withdraw cash among other things.

The M-Pesa app also allows you to send money to many people at once. Learn more about send to many here.

My third favorite thing about the app is its flexibility when you want to do something like Book an SGR Ticket or Pay for NHIF or DSTV or car insurance. You can simply do it without getting out of the app. All the services are integrated into the app.

how to book sgr by mpesa
Book SGR, pay NHIF using the Mpesa app

Additionally, the app gives you an option to display or hide your current Mpesa account balance, and the recent transaction history.  You can also access your M-Pesa statements without having to request them or wait for the Mpesa email at the end of the month.

To sum up, The App has rich and handy features. Using the app definitely saves time because you don’t have to memorize or type contacts every time you want to do a transaction. The app automatically saves and prioritizes your most-used phone/pay bill numbers. This saves time when doing transactions since the process is smooth and fast.  It’s an app we’d recommend you to try if you haven’t already.


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