Nairobi Expressway payment methods

Nairobi Expressway

The Nairobi expressway is a game-changer that is part of the Kenya government’s larger efforts to decongest the Nairobi metropolitan area. It is a landmark infrastructural development that has changed the face of Nairobi.
The 27-kilometer expressway begins in Mlolongo, travels along the Uhuru Highway, and ends at the intersection with James Gichuru Road.

Nairobi Expressway

How do I pay Nairobi Expressway?

There are eleven tall stations,15 entrances, and 14 exits, and there are three modes of payment;

  • You can use a manual toll collection card, also known as the MTC card.

In this method, motorists use a card that is loaded with toll points that are used to pay tolls at toll stations. To register online go to the Expressway website.

  • The second method is referred to as electronic toll collection (ETC service).

Toll points can be electronically deducted using a pre-installed onboard unit device or OBU that provides nonstop road service.

The benefit of ETC is that there is no wasting time on the road because there is no need to form a queue or stop. When the roadside scanners scan your device, the barriers automatically open and you’re free to go; charging is completed upon exit.

  • The third method is paying by Cash.

Cash users are not required to register prior to their trip on the Nairobi Expressway.

You can also register for the Nairobi Expressway at;

  • The Nairobi Expressway Plaza on Mombasa Road, opposite City Cabanas Embakasi, or
  • At the Lavington Center on Tanga Road, next to Maria Immaculate Hospital.

Nairobi Expressway


In addition, the expressway’s top speed limit is 80 kilometers per hour.

Also, the expressway is completely fenced, and pedestrians, non-motorized vehicles, motorcycles, tricycles, tractors, Tuktuks, Mkokoteni, and forklifts are not allowed to use the expressway.

Additionally, parking on the expressway is strictly prohibited for motorists. The rule is simple, no one should stop or allow anyone to get on or off the vehicle.
There is also an emergency lane on the left; you are not permitted to use this lane except when in an emergency situation.

The maximum toll on the expressway is 360 Kenya shillings from end to end, though if you enter the expressway at Nairobi East and exit at the Capital Center, you will be charged 300 shillings.

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