Samsung gets into trouble for throttling

Samsung got into trouble this week for throttling 10,000 apps across several generation devices.

Samsung used Game Optimizing Service to carry out throttling. This happened even in the new S22 series devices.

Throttling apps is not something new in the mobile phone world and several companies have found themselves in trouble for doing this.

Geekbench didn’t seem happy with Samsung after these allegations came out, here’s what they tweeted

Geekbench Throttling answer to Samsung
Geekbench response to Samsung throttling

“After extensive internal testing we have determined the following Samsung Galaxy handsets use GOS:


– Samsung Galaxy S22 (all models)

– Samsung Galaxy S21 (all models)

– Samsung Galaxy S20 (all models)

– Samsung Galaxy S10 (all models)

Today we delisted these handsets from the Android Benchmark chart on the Geekbench Browser.”

Samsung did however say they will look into the matter.

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